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This Is What You’ll Get

A detailed list of 600 accounting firms with:

  • Website
  • Contact Page
  • Job Listing Page
  • Email
  • Phone number

Also, an email template that you can copy-paste and send to accounting firms, with minimum customization.

Save hundreds of hours browsing the web to get the contact information you need. Get more replies and scheduled interviews than you can handle.

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They Landed an Accounting Internship Using the First Step, Big Step Combo You can Download Now

This is exactly what I needed to get some work experience in the accounting field.

Martha F

I have applied for plenty of internships but even those required at least a year of experience. I never heard back from any of them until I used this template.

Aaron D

How do you get experience if nobody will hire you without it? This is how!

Jon B

The Easiest Way to Get an Accounting Internship